Tavern Plank de by IVC

Tavern Plank de by IVCIVC Tavern Plank de is an exquisite new fiberglass sheet vinyl brought to you by IVC US Inc.  Back in 2015 IVC Group joined Mohawk Industries but was originally Founded in 1997 in Avelgem, Belgium, IVC products are popular among homeowners, builders, and commercial applications.  The new IVC Tavern Plank de is a natural beige with rich browns is both stunning and inviting with a warn look to it that has the look of organic tones.  IVC Tavern Plank is a Flexitec vinyl that is a revolutionary construction that has a fiberglass base which is highly resilient and double encapsulated by pvc layers that is unique and has unparalled flexibility.  At it’s core it is a very resilient floor that will resist scrapes, scuffs, and stains maintaining it’s original look and luster.  IVC is known for leading the way in resilient flooring especially the new Tavern Plank de making it the centerpiece of your living room as this flooring was inspired by the modern urban revival.  Get a price quote on IVC Tavern Plank de here.