Pergo Laminate Floors

pergo laminate floorsPergo Laminate Floors are inspiring to say the least, when you choose Pergo you get cost efficient, Eco friendly, and durability. Back in 2012 Mohawk industries Inc agreed to buy Pergo for $150 million as an acquisition which added to the already impressive flooring line up at Mohawk Group. Pergo is a leader in laminate flooring and has patented several installation and design technology methods that are unique to their flooring.  Recently they launched 5 new Pergo Max floors, and Pergo XP.  Pergo Pro commercial floors are a remarkable colorful innovative flooring with natural detail and realistic textures that comes with Pergo Pro’s patented aluminum oxide finish. When it comes to durability, beauty, and uniqueness Pergo floors stand out from all the rest.  Get a price quote on Pergo Laminate Floors here.